The Birch Syndicate

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The Birch Syndicate

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The Birch Syndicate

This is a place that has to be seen to be believed and to fully understand the true beauty of it all.
Hidden away out of sight, with locked gates for the security of our syndicate members.
We have one of the most magnificent and amazing lake in Wales.

So fantastic to look at that it becomes increasingly overwhelming just standing there. 
Every peg has many a story to tell. There are carp in here with nicknames that carp anglers are longing to get on the end of their line or just to get a close look at.
When you catch a carp here, that's enough to make your day and you start to wonder what the next session will bring.
Every fish here is in perfect condition.  You just have to see them to truly appreciate how well they are looked after.

Martin Cronin

Not only are there carp, but you will find some large bream, it is not yet confirmed what the bream have grown to as yet but you can be sure they will be high singles to lower double figures.

Pike are also to be found in the Birch reaching double figures, fish of over 20lb are being caught (2010). They are beasts and just like the carp, they will give you a good run for your money.

Remember it is a syndicate water so for any more info please use the contact page and have a chat to Martin.

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